No place to call home right now? Are you moving around a lot?


Our Programs


At Avenues, we have shelter and short-term housing programs for youth ages 16-20 with lots of supportive services to help you become stable and pursue your personal goals. You can stay in one of our programs until you are able to find a longer-term place to live (and we help you figure that out!). Check out our program availability here.


Need a place to crash for a few nights? Avenues has emergency beds for youth ages 16-20 at Minneapolis and Brooklyn Avenues. Emergency beds can be reserved every day at 4 p.m. by calling 612-522-1690 x 1 for Minneapolis Avenues, or 612-522-1690 x 2 for Brooklyn Avenues. *Minneapolis Avenues’s emergency bed is temporarily out of use. 


Avenues has three host home programs, two for LGBTQ youth ages 16-24, and one for youth ages 16-24. Youth determine a host family (that Avenues has screened/trained) to live with for one month to a year.  Youth determine what host is the best fit for them, and are not “placed.” Queer Avenues, our location in St. Paul, has drop in support for LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness. More information here.

Check out to find shelter bed availability, resources and drop in centers available to you.*If you are older than 24 years old, you can find adult services here


At Avenues, here’s what we offer:

  • Bedroom, bathroom, 3 meals a day, laundry and bus passes

  • 24 hour support from trustworthy adults

  • Access to computers and phones

  • Guidance from a case manager to solve problems, set goals and connect with community resources

  • Help to identify and pursue your education and career goals

  • Health and wellness supports from a nurse and counselor

  • Assistance with your housing search

  • Family counseling and reconnection help

  • Life skills classes, like budgeting, cooking and nutrition, parenting


We’ll give you enough time to take a breath, set your personal goals and get on your feet!

William found a bed and resources at Avenues to enable him to finish school and find a job.


For more information about Avenues, email: