ConneQT Host Home Program

About Youth Homelessness 

The causes of youth homelessness are varied. Many young people are homeless due to lack of affordable and accessible housing, poverty, neglect, substance abuse, mental health issues and physical and sexual abuse. Others become homeless due to severe family conflict that grows out of lack of support around sexual orientation and gender expression and identity. A disproportionate number of homeless youth (20-40%) identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning (LGBTQ). Many are living in the streets and vulnerable to exploitation.

ConneQT, a collaboration of three nonprofits (Avenues for Homeless Youth, RECLAIM and Point Source Youth), is launching an innovative project in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, focusing on three interventions: individual therapy, short term host home, and rapid rehousing.

ConneQT Short Term Host Home

ConneQT Short Term Host Home, a program of Avenues for Homeless Youth, is a community and volunteer-based response to youth homelessness. All youth who participate in our program are queer-identified and matched with hosts.

Hosts in the short term host home program are adults who open their homes and their hearts to young people who need and are looking for a healthy and stable connection, in addition to basic needs. The length of stay is anywhere from 1 week to 3 months.

ConneQT Short Term Host Home is modeled after the GLBT Host Home Program, a strong, resilient, and nationally recognized community-based program – one with 15 years of history. The focus has been on taking care of basic needs while simultaneously fostering connections and building community.

Interested in hosting?

ConneQT Host Home Application

If you’re interested in becoming a host, contact:
Ryan Berg, Program Manager

If you are a youth looking for resources, contact:
Kelly Brazil, Case Manager

Were you or are you a youth or host in ConneQT HHP? Please let us know about your experiences by filling out an online, confidential (and QUICK) evaluation!

ConneQT Host Survey (for hosts whose youth has moved out) 
ConneQT Youth Survey