lain’s story

LGBTQI+ youth have a 120% higher risk of experiencing homelessness*. With these rates of LGBTQI+ youth homelessness, it’s vital to create safe and affirming spaces for young people to pursue their dreams. At Avenues, we listen to their stories, make sure they are safe and partner with them on their journeys to stable housing and joyful lives.

Hear from lain, a non-binary youth who came to Avenues with the goals of becoming more expressive, letting go of gender stereotypes, and finding their own housing. While at Avenues, lain worked tirelessly, saved up enough for a down payment, and eventually bought their own home!

lain said that while at Avenues, they had “more room to breathe, more room to feel, and more room to think.” lain also shared that Avenues’ staff supported them on their journey. lain said, “I checked in often because I trusted Rosie. I felt like I could confide in her. Rosie and all the other staff here, when I checked in with them, they all said I had grown a ton. I had faith in that. I felt like I had more room to breathe and I was able to express myself more…

I gotta thank Rosie and the other staff I had put my trust in for keeping me afloat during that time. I saved most of the money I made from working and held onto it and just tried to stay mentally tough.

I gotta thank my patience and tenacity because that’s ultimately what got me into my own place.”

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