Each year in Minnesota, over 13,300 youth experience homelessness. It’s estimated that 35% of these youth are parents themselves.

In response to this, Avenues launched the Young Families program in 2017. This program uses a rapid re-housing model to provide safe, affordable, and supportive housing for young parents ages 18 to 24 and their children. Families receive rent subsidies for up to two years, based on their needs. Most families are in the program for three months to one year. With the support of the program, young families transition out of homelessness, achieve housing stability, and care for their children.  

Young parents in the program receive one-on-one support from the Family Advocate and Engagement Specialist who works with them to identify and achieve their goals in housing, education, and/or employment. Families receive the intensive, holistic supports based on their needs including: 
    • Health and wellness care, including mental health therapy, 
    • Career and education readiness, 
    • Parenting classes, and 
    • Financial education.
With these supports, young families achieve housing stability, improve their wellness, gain independent living skills, and work toward achieving dreams. Hear from a young parent, Davianna, to learn about the program and its impact.

 Landlords Needed

In this tight housing market, Avenues is constantly recruiting local landlords who will rent to young families at an affordable price. Renting a property in this program goes beyond just being a landlord—you’re often providing a family with their first home. If you are a landlord or have landlords in your network, considering becoming a partner in our Young Families Program.

Landlords participating in the program can expect:

  • Direct, on time rent payments
  • 2-4 tenants, depending on the family size
  • Timely updates from program manager
  • Mediation support from staff in landlord-tenant issues
  • Monthly home visits from Avenues’ staff
  • Invitations to community building events with Avenues’ staff and youth
  • After the subsidy ends, youth may renew their lease on their own or mutually end the lease

To be a landlord in the program, you must have insurance and be a licensed landlord. Your rental has to have 1-3 bedrooms. If you're interested in partnering with Avenues, contact Kunta Harris at 612-718-2401or learn more here.