Our dedicated staff are here to support youth. Our shelters are staffed by 24/7, caring Youth Support Specialists who are not pictured below. If you are looking for a staff member not listed below, call 612-522-1690 or email info@avenuesforyouth.org.

Zayed Ahmed, PhD, LPCC, LICSW, Director of Programs

zahmed@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-844-2004

Hailey Alexander, Finance Manager

halexander@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-844-1219

Christopher Banks, Operations Manager

cbanks@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-844-2013

Ryan Berg, Host Home Program Manager

rberg@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-345-8445

Anna Bergreen, Director of Development

abergreen@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-844-2012

Tim Beringer, Facilities Specialist


Rachel Blair, Marketing and Communications Manager

rblair@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-844-2001

Donnell Bratton, Assistant Director, Site-Based Programs

dbratton@avenuesforyouth.org | 763-450-4286

Kelly Brazil, Youth Advocate and Engagement Specialist 

kbrazil@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-214-5964

Andre Chessier, Youth Support Specialist 


Gary Cook, Youth Advocate and Engagement Specialist 


Latosha Evans, Youth Support Specialist 


Peter Fischer, Director of Finance and Operations

pfischer@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-844-2009

Pierre Fulford, Youth Advocate and Engagement Specialist

pfulford@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-876-2303

Kunta Harris, Youth Advocate and Engagement Specialist

kharris@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-718-2401

Ceejay Jackson, Program Manager, Shelter

cjackson@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-968-8833

Bryce Jones, Program Manager, Transitional Housing

bjones@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-718-5451

Chez Jones, Youth Advocate and Engagement Specialist

cjones@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-704-6189

Jasmine King, Youth Support Specialist

jking@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-522-1690

Makeda Lacking, Youth Advocate and Engagement Specialist

mlacking@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-844-2007

Jessica Marshik, Youth Support Specialist


Katherine Meerse, Executive Director

kmeerse@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-844-2002

Ashley Morgan, Program Manager, Host Home

amorgan@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-968-1672

James Mullins, Education and Career Development Specialist

jmullins@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-522-1690

Murad Owda, BIPOC Prgram Manager

mowda@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-750-9503

Corey Ramsey, Youth Support Specialist


Raquel (Rocki) Simões, Assistant Director, Community-Based Programs

rsimoes@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-968-8771

Ian Smart, Youth Advocate and Engagement Specialist

ismart@avenuesforyouth.org | 763-450-4276

Shennika Sudduth, Program Manager

ssudduth@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-522-1690

Mercedes Thomas-Foster, Youth Support Specialist


Janet Yeats, Mental Health Therapist


Marni Zimlin, Giving Manager

mzimlin@avenuesforyouth.org | 612-844-2005