Start a fundraiser today and inspire your squad to make youth dreams possible. In lieu of birthday, engagement or wedding gifts, start a campaign for youth. Or use your next holiday party, marathon or life event to inspire folks to give back.

Make a Fundraiser Today

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Birthday Fundraiser

In lieu of gifts, donate your birthday to youth experiencing homelessness. Start a fundraiser on Facebook or on our website.

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Wedding Fundraiser

Getting married? Share the love with youth experiencing homelessness by asking for donations in lieu of gifts.

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Compete for a Cause

Participating in a race? Raise funds for Avenues to support your favorite cause and your upcoming race!

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Celebrate with Us

Celebrating Pride Month, holiday, or milestone? Give back to youth during your next celebration.

Fundraise Now

Need Fundraising ideas or support? Contact Melissa Cuff at or 612-749-7345.