Volunteers are essential to our work. Whether they put together welcome kits, file papers with our admin staff, or tutor a young person on math, they make an impact on youth  experiencing homelessness.

We strive to provide meaningful opportunities that are respectful and most helpful to the youth and staff. For most volunteer opportunities at Avenues, volunteers must:

  • Be 21 years old or older. This is to ensure that a volunteer isn't in school with a youth in our program and to protect the confidentiality of youth in the programs.
  • Complete a volunteer application, interview, training and background check (unless part of a volunteer group).
  • Be flexible, self-driven and need minimal supervision. Our volunteer opportunities aren't for everyone, and we want to ensure that we're the right fit for you.

Our Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteer Groups

Groups up to 50 people can volunteer at Minneapolis and Brooklyn Avenues.

Group Duties

-house beautification (cleaning)
-grounds beautification (yard work)

Program Support

These volunteers work in our shelters to ensure staff have time for what matters - the youth.

Duties Include

-meal preparation
-life skills

Admin & Events

Help out at Avenues events, or take on administration and development projects.

Duties Include

-event logistics
-administration projects
-in-kind donation closet
-Speakers Bureau

Facilities & Yard Work

The perfect volunteer opportunity for someone who is handy or likes yard work.

Duties Include

-house beautification (cleaning, painting)
-yard beautification (raking, weeding, gardening)

Next Steps

Ready to take the next step? Download and complete the volunteer application and email it to Abha Karnick. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities by contacting Abha at akarnick@avenuesforyouth.org.