Avenues for Youth cares deeply about your privacy. We take great care of the how the information you give us is shared and used, and we value your trust in us. We have developed this privacy policy to assure you that your information will not be shared with any third party and that you are free to opt-out of communications at any time, whether you share information with Avenues for Youth online, offline, or in any other way. By reviewing this document, and/or by visiting our website, you are accepting the practices described in this Donor Privacy Policy. This policy may be changed or updated from time to time.

Privacy and Security

Avenues for Youth is committed to respecting the privacy of donors. Avenues for Youth will provide a secure environment for collecting donations and maintaining internal controls governing the safekeeping of all confidential donor and financial and personal information. In all financial information systems and transactions, Avenues for Youth will work to protect the financial information of donors and earn the trust they have placed in the organization. Therefore, Avenues for Youth will not lend, sell, or rent mailing lists of donor or participant personal information to any third party. Your name, address, phone number or credit card information will not be used outside of the organization. Avenues for Youth subscribes and adheres to the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Donor Bill of Rights, which describes donor rights.

Information Collected

High grade encryption and https security protocols are used in collecting personal information through our donor database and e-communications vendors. Avenues for Youth only collects information volunteered by you during your communication or transaction with us. Avenues for Youth maintains name, address, phone, and email information in a password protected database and also notes donor preference regarding when and how they wish to be contacted and/or acknowledged. Any donor may request to see the information retained in their personal record at Avenues for Youth. The use and collection of information about you is limited to that which is necessary to administer our operations.

How We Use That Information

Avenues for Youth enters personal information into our database (a) to acknowledge and provide a tax receipt for donations; (b) to contact you to obtain your input, (c) to provide you with information about our programs and events; and/or (d) to solicit future contributions.

Avenues for Youth tracks user traffic patterns with Google Analytics, but this tracking is not associated with individual users. Learn more about Google Analytics. At no time will personally identifiable information that you provide be shared with other third parties.

Subscribing To Our List

When you sign up for email updates, we collect your name and email address. Email updates are made through the Constant Contact email marketing platform. The Constant Contact privacy policy providing additional information about privacy and security.

To Discontinue Contact With Us

You can discontinue contact with Avenues for Youth by contacting our office at 612-844-2001 or sending us a written request of donor removal to:

Avenues for Youth

1708 Oak Park Avenues North

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

You can unsubscribe to e-communications by selecting the unsubscribe option at the bottom of every email message.

Credit Card Transaction Security

Credit card numbers are not retained on-site physically or electronically. Only the final four numbers may be recorded in a transaction record. All donation envelopes containing credit card or personal information are shredded after the gifts are entered into the Avenues for Youth database. All envelopes or gifts are held in a locked area or secure safe until processed.

Avenues for Youth accepts online donations through the Avenues for Youth website, which uses the Classy Inc. The Classy Inc. privacy policy provides additional information about credit card transaction security. Avenues for Youth recommends that donors protect their credit card data by using a secure online service. Avenues for Youth cannot absolutely guarantee that credit card data handled by a third-party processor will be secure and is not liable for the information a donor shares with others.

Use of “cookies” and other Technologies

Avenues uses “cookies” and other technologies to enhance your online experience. A “cookie” can be either permanent (i.e., it remains on your computer until you delete it) or temporary (i.e., it lasts only until you close your browser). A “cookie” is a small text file that helps us recognize repeat visitors, facilitate the visitor’s ongoing access to and use of the site, and track usage behavior and compile aggregate data that can lead to website improvements. Cookies may also help us customize certain content on the website. Cookies and other similar technologies collect non-personal information about the user of a particular Internet Protocol (IP) address. If you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, you can deny or accept the cookie feature using a simple procedure available in most browsers. If you block cookies, however, you may lose some website functionality.

Accepting Gifts Anonymously

All gifts provided by donors who wish to remain anonymous are entered into the system as anonymous gifts and included in any reports under the heading "anonymous." A preference for anonymity is noted on their personal record.

Tax Receipt

All donors are offered tax-receipt acknowledgements for their gifts and have the right to refuse a receipt or acknowledgement.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our privacy policy, please contact info@avenuesforyouth.org.