Avenues is the Quorum Non-Profit of the Year!

Quorum, the Minnesota LGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce, recognized Avenues for Youth as the 2023 Non-Profit of the Year during their annual Social Leadership Awards dinner. Katherine Meerse, Executive Director of Avenues, accepted the award and thanked this LGBTQI+ business community for their unwavering support for youth experiencing homelessness and spotlighting the ConneQT host-home program.

During a time of an unprecedented legislative and cultural assault on particularly trans-youth via bathroom, book, and healthcare bans, it is more important than ever for the business community to show up and show support for not only their own employees, but the broader LGBTQI+ community.

Katherine flagged in her speech that in just the last week alone Avenues had received calls from trans and non-binary young people in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Iowa, all fleeing their states to MN and in need of support. This award is important recognition of the critical work all of us must to welcome and celebrate this targeted community.