Black History Month Book Challenge!

Black History Month is an opportunity to educate ourselves on the rich and beautiful contributions of black figures, movements, and culture. Last year the Avenues for Youth staff engaged in a black-authored book challenge, reading new or favorite books and sharing what we learned with each other.

This year, thanks to a generous contribution of BIPOC authored books from Kim C. and family, Avenues is providing reading opportunities for all youth to read, learn, and grow. The books encompass a wide experience, both fictional, non-fictional, historical, and covering current events. They are educational, entertaining, and transformational. 

Kim C. and family also donated a wide array of LGBTQ authored and themed books. Both shelters, Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park, have a healthy library thanks to this support. Having books authored by authors of the same identity as the majority of the youth Avenues partners with is critical, as representation does matter.