Xcel Energy = Excellent Partner!

A dozen volunteers from Xcel Energy helped Avenues create welcome baskets for new youth coming into the shelters. The Pride ERG led the team, with employees from a wide variety of departments, to come together and help the house at Avenues feel like a home.

Every new youth that walks in the door is greeted with a giant welcome basket comprised of over 25 items, from bedding and hygiene products to headphones, slippers, towels, notebooks, socks, and more. The most special item in each basket is the welcome card, written by the volunteer and sending the message that the youth is cared for and valued by their community.

Over the years Xcel has become an important partner, helping with lawncare, sponsoring our Building on Dreams annual event, and several members supported the holiday program. A special thank you to Edward, Krystel, and Paget for putting this event together.