Youth Experience: Home at Brooklyn Avenues

Alexi, a 19 year-old living at Brooklyn Avenues, recently shared about their experience in the program and how it’s the people and personal connections that have made the difference during their stay. Read Alexi’s interview below. 

“I wish that people knew that homelessness should not be something taken as people giving up in life, a lot of people who are homeless were once hopeful,” said Alexi, a 19-year-old youth from Brooklyn Avenues.

What would you tell someone thinking of coming to Avenues or an Avenues program?  

“One of the biggest things I want people to know is that being here is life-changing. You will have people here that support you, program staff feels like a family, and Avenues feels like a second home.”

Why do you think programs like Avenues exist? What do you think causes housing instability and homelessness?  

“Avenues exists for young people who come into times of homelessness. It depends on the relationship with their parents, sometimes they are kicked out for being who they are.”

Did Avenues, the program, or staff, have an impact on you? If yes, how so?

“They impacted me greatly because when I first came here I felt so alone and was depressed. When I started talking more I felt like this was a safe place versus just a place to getaway.”

Is there anything else you want to share about Avenues, the staff, or what folks should know about youth homelessness or the causes of youth homelessness?  

“For anyone- if this is your first time experiencing like this, understand and know that the people here are here to do more than their job and know you on a personal level and help you.”

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