Meet Judy, A Young Person at Avenues

Judy, a 20-year-old at Minneapolis Avenues, shared about her journey at Avenues. Read her interview below.

Judy’s Interview

What can society do better for youth? 

Listen to youth. Ask youth what they need instead of assuming.

What do you think causes youth homelessness? 

Mental health, family issues, unfair adults, and abuse.

What impact did Avenues have on you?

Avenues gave me the chance to focus on myself. I got the chance to grow and become the adult I want to be. They gave me food, a warm bed, a place to stay, but most of all people who love and support me!

What would you tell someone thinking of coming to Avenues? 

I would recommend coming here. The staff are wonderful and kind, and there are many chances to find a job or friends here.

What do you wish the general public knew about youth homelessness? 

That homeless people are trying their best.

What is your dream or your dream for the community?

My dream is to be happy. I hope more programs supporting youth come about.

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