Meet Alexis, a Mom in Avenues’ Young Families Program

Alexis, a parenting youth in our Avenues Young Families Program, shared about her experience and expertise on the program. In this program, single or coupled parents receive rental support while working one-on-one with Avenues staff on their goals. The program supports twelve families at a time, and parents are 18-24 years old. Most often families have one or two children.

Alexis’s Interview

What do you wish the general public knew about youth homelessness?

I wish the general public would understand that the youth homeless program really helps young families. They not only help young families, they treat us more like family with helping care.

What do you think causes youth homelessness?

I believe what causes youth homelessness is getting pregnant at a young age, not having both of your parents growing up, and not setting any goals for yourself.

What impact did Avenues have on you? 

Avenues had a very strong impact on me. They did not let me give up on myself. They always gave me good advice uplifting me.

What can society do better for youth?

Gather more youth families up to help them and teach them importance of life, having goals set for the future.

What can Avenues do better?

Avenues has to continue with this program and come up with more resources for young families.

What is your dream or your dream for the community?

My dream is to be a great mother to my two children, have my dream job of a nurse, get my credit at a good score, and have a savings account for me. Also, that my two children live life.

What would you tell someone thinking of coming to Avenues?

I really recommend young families to join Avenues. They really treat you with love, care, and also help you get your life on track. They teach you how to get ready for the real world.

Is there anything else you want to share about Avenues, the staff, or what folks should know about youth homelessness?

I just want to share that Avenues is one of the best programs that will help young families. They push you to do better.

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