Jay’s Experience with Avenues

“If someone were to tell me they were thinking of coming to Avenues, I would tell them its going to be a good fit.” Jay, a young person at Avenues recently said. “The culture is laid back and at your pace but they will push for you to strive to be better and to do well in school and with work.”

“Since being at Avenues, my relationship with staff has been real smooth. I can talk to them, and I know they will help me and have my back. Taylor helped me with my resume, Fred is a great person to talk to and get advice, Corey checks in and makes sure he is being helpful to me, and Rosie and Makeda push me to do better, and they’re goofy.”

When asked what he wished the general public knew about housing instability, homelessness, or programs like Avenues, Jay remarked, “I wish they knew there are opportunities like this or felt more comfortable using them. There are a lot of people that want to go to places like this but are too embarrassed to make that effort.”

“Since being at Avenues I have a better head on my shoulders, take care of business the way I need to, and get guidance as I be an adult.”

Young people like Jay are leaving their mark on the world in a powerful way. You can support their dreams by giving, sharing about Avenues, educating yourself and others on houselessness, and by continuing your incredible support.